how to order
Due to the customisable nature of our stationery and custom projects all individual prices are subject to change so there is no shopping cart on our site. Instead we use email communications, pdf quotes, invoices, and online banking.
Step 1 Choose your design. Standard size and price is quoted on each item.

Step 2 Email us on the contact page with your chosen design. This will start the communication and editing process.

Step 3 We will bounce back emails and pdf proofs until you are happy with the look of your item(s).
A quote invoice is sent based on your design, shipping location, and quantity required.
If single prints are required the price is subject to change.
We allow an unlimited amount of changes and tweaks during the editing stage.

Step 4 When you are happy with your item(s) we can send out a printed proof for you to check in person.

Step 5 You can still make changes here if required.
When your project is finalised we require a 50% deposit of the total cost to be paid before we begin the print run.

Step 6 All items are sent in boxes and tracked for security.

Step 7 Delivery!

Step 8 Final payment is due within 2 weeks of your print run being couriered to you.
Card Types
All of our card options are from sustainable resources meaning they come from forests that are certified and audited to ensure they comply with environmentally sustainable practices and principles.
Glossy White Card 300gsm. Our default card with a glossy finish on both sides.
Matte White Card 300gsm. Plain thick white card on both sides.
100% Recycled White Card 300gsm. A light biege colour.
Craft Brown Card 285gsm. Craft brown colour, for that rustic or vintage look.
Stone Grey Card 295gsm. A soft grey colour.

All posted stationery can be sent with plain white or craft envelopes for +$0.40 each.
Guest Names and Addresses can be printed for +$0.40 each.

All items can be printed on both sides however cost depends on the design, Usually +$0.80 each for second side print
Printed guest names on the Invitation or other cards are +$0.10 each.

A3 Seating Plans can be mounted onto foam board for +$15.00.

Black text and imagery can be hand foiled picking from our colour range.
Prices for this are based on the individual project but foiling starts from +$1.00.
Colours include; silver, gold, rose gold, red, lilac, purple, orange, teal, mint, royal blue, rainbow.
This colour palette chart gives you an idea of what colours are on offer. You are in no way limited to what is on here.
We can decide on a new colour together during the editing process.

Any font can be chosen for any design, it's your call! How we have sorted them is just a guideline.
Simply quote the number(s).

Invitation Wording
The wording for your items will depend on any preferences you have toward religious beliefs, colloquialisms, traditions, or any combination of those. There is a lot of inspiration online or our team can help you decide on your wording.
Some examples of invitation wording are below.


Traditional Wording - Brides Parents Hosting
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Smith (proper name of those hosting)
request the honour of your presence (request)
at the marriage of their daughter (links the hosts to the bride)
Jane Andrea (first and middle names of the bride)
to John Henry Baker (full name of the groom)
Sunday the Ninth of October, Two Thousand and Sixteen (day of the week and date of the year)
at Five o'clock in the afternoon (time of day of the wedding)
St. Paul's Church (location of the wedding)
123 Main Road (full address line)
Auckland City, Auckland (suburb and city of the wedding)

Reception to follow (reception notice)

Traditional Wording - Bride and Groom Hosting with Their Families
Together with their families
Jane Andrea Smith
and John Henry Baker
request the pleasure of your company
at the celebration of their wedding
Sunday the Ninth of October
two thousand and sixteen
at Five o'clock in the afternoon
St. Paul's Church
123 Main Road
Auckland City, Auckland

Reception to follow

Less Formal Wording - Brides Parents Hosting
Paul and Cindy Smith
invite you to share in the celebration
of the marriage of their daughter
to John Baker
October 9, 2016
at Five o’clock
St. Paul's Church
Auckland City, Auckland

Dinner and dancing to follow